Unfortunately tree don’t last forever. A tree has a natural life cycle which can be prolonged with the proper maintenance and care techniques. However, if your trees are dying, this can pose a huge danger to property and more importantly, your loved ones.

Under some circumstances these trees will need to be removed:

  • If your tree has received storm damage or other natural occurrences, making it a danger to you and your property
  • If the tree is suffering from a disease or is overrun by pests
  • If the tree is in the way of your home expansion or landscaping plans
  • If a tree is using too many of the soil’s nutrients, depriving your other plant life
  • If a tree’s root system is harming your pipes or your home’ foundation

If any of these occur then you should call the Central Coast Tree Removal specialists, Level It Excavation & Tree Service.

At Level It Excavation and Tree Services, our team of operators are committed to completing your project on time , within budget and to a high standard.

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