Level It Excavations are the Central Coast Retaining Wall experts. Whether you need a flat post and sleeper wall or a Besser block retaining wall, Level It can assist.

Flat Posts & Sleepers

Flat posts and sleeper retaining walls are a cheaper option for retaining walls using treated timber that when installed correctly lasts for decades and is effective against termite attack.

Gabion rock basket wall

When constructed correctly these walls are extremely strong and look great with a variety of rock that can be used inside the baskets to get the style your looking for.

Round Posts & Slabs

Round posts and slabs are a stronger alternative to the wing split wall and are recommended for walls over 1000mm high.

Reinforced Besser Block Retaining Walls

Besser Block retaining walls are an eco-friendly, affordable retaining wall solution. Besser block retaining walls are designed and engineered to retain large amounts of soil, and provide an eco-friendly solution for your garden landscape. Besser blocks come in a variety of colours and textures, and are able to be rendered or have a facade installed on the block face.


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